Nasi Goreng Bali

Nasi Goreng Bali

Nasi Goreng is a national dish that breaks down all social barriers. It can be enjoyed from a tin plate at roadside warungs and food stalls, to the porcelain of posh Indonesian restaurants, or constructed at the buffet tables of Jakarta dinner parties.

This version of fried rice is infused with the umami flavours of kecap manis (sweet soy sauce) and ground shrimp paste. It is typically served with a sunny side up egg and cucumber garnish.

What is Nasi Goreng?

Nasi goreng (pronounced: nasi-goreng) is a popular and versatile dish. It is commonly eaten in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. It can be made with any combination of meat, vegetables and rice. In addition, there are many variations in the preparation and condiments used.

The dish combines a mixture of ingredients and sauces, most importantly the kecap manis, an Indonesian caramelised sweet soy sauce that gives the dish its distinctive flavour and colour. The dish is typically served with a fried egg and some fresh cucumber or tomatoes.

The Balinese version of nasi goreng uses chicken, cabbage, carrots and bokchoy as its main components. It is also seasoned with shrimp paste, garlic, kafir lime leaves and their own Balinese red chili paste. Cooked rice is stir fried with the other ingredients and topped with a fried egg. This is a quick and easy meal that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. The ingredients are readily available in local warungs and supermarkets.


Chicken One of the most popular dishes in Indonesia, nasi goreng is also well-loved throughout Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and other Southeast Asian countries. It is a simple dish that can easily be adjusted to fit different regional tastes. A variation with salted fish, for instance, is often eaten in Malaysia and Singapore.

The recipe is easy to make, with just boiled rice, a handful of spices and a few other ingredients. The fried rice can then be topped with meat, prawns or vegetables and served with a sambal or ketchup. A fried egg is often added, which makes the dish even more scrumptious. Vegetarians and vegans can substitute the meat with fried tempe or tofu.

For many locals, nasi goreng represents a quick and cheap lunch or dinner option. It is available at most warungs and is usually on offer until 1 a.m or even 2 a.m.


Nasi goreng is a versatile dish and is available at any time of the day. It can be found in most warungs (street stalls), as well as restaurants. It can be topped with krupuk (prawn crackers), acar (pickled vegetables) or a fried egg. It can also be eaten as a snack or breakfast.

This dish is easy to make at home. All you need is cooked rice, turmeric, ginger and chicken, and some oil or butter. Add the seasoned rice to a pan and stir-fry, making sure that all of the ingredients are coated in the flavored butter or oil.

When preparing the recipe, cook the rice until it is soft and then stir in garlic, onion and kecap manis, as well as terasi or shrimp paste, if desired. This is a rich and savory dish with a big hit of umami from the Indonesian sauce kecap manis. It is often topped with a fried egg, which is an excellent way to add protein and make the meal more filling.


One of the key characteristics that distinguishes nasi goreng is its use of kecap manis (sweet soy sauce) and terasi (Indonesian shrimp paste). These ingredients set it apart from other fried rice variations.

It is also served with a sunny side up fried egg and a sprinkle of sambal belachan (a spicy chili and shrimp paste relish) or sambal kangkung (fresh shredded cabbage) on the side.

This dish is a staple in the daily diet of most Indonesians. It can be found at street vendors, warungs and restaurants in the cities and villages. It is also popular in Malaysia and Singapore as well as Suriname through Indonesian immigrant communities and the Netherlands due to historical colonial ties.

The best way to enjoy this delicious dish is at a warung in Bali! We recommend trying Warung Bu Mangku on the outskirts of Ubud. This family run restaurant serves competitive nasi goreng in a clean environment at authentic warung prices.

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